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Why a Heat Pump

What is a heat pump?

A domestic hot water heat pump is a very efficient water heating device. It uses a small amount of electricity to produce up to four times more heat energy. So by connecting an heat pump to your existing hot water cylinder you can divide your hot water electrical consumption by up to four. Unlike a solar geyser, a heat pump is not directly dependent on the sun and therefore it can operate day and night, winter and summers, ensuring the highest possible saving. Heating water at 1/3 of the price.

How long does a Heat Pump take to heat water?

The heat pump size is normally selected so that it will heat the water slightly faster than what and electrical element will do.

Does a Heat Pump need maintenance?

Our heat pumps range requires virtually no maintenance of the system except for making sure the evaporator is clean from dirt and leaves. We do however recommend that the system be checked annually to ensure that you are getting the best possible efficiency out of the system.

Frequently asked questions

What size heat pump should I install to my geyser?

  • 3.5kW heat pump – 100/150 litre geyser
  • 5.5kW heat pump – 200/250 litre geyser
  • 7kW heat pump – up to 450 litre geyser


  •  Do I still need a geyser if I already have a heat pump?
    • Yes, you do still require a Geyser. This heat pump is not an instantaneous water heater. Your geyser will become the storage place as well as a back-up heat source should the heat pump fail.
Heat pump installation guide Vereeniging,Meyerton

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