Don’t allow a blocked drain to steal your joy. It’s important to attend to blocked drains immediately as you may sit with a bigger problem than anticipated if you are not careful. In order to control that nasty blocked drain smell, make sure to call Express drains and plumbing to come and help you. You also run the risk of water damage if drains that overflow are not dealt with immediately.

    Other concerns of blocked drains in Vereeniging and Meyerton are that the slow movement of water can lead to pipe corrosion which will increase your repair costs. Let’s try and avoid that shall we?

    Blocked drains are no match for the Express drains and plumbing team. We will come and clear that blocked drain in no time at all. Our services are guaranteed. If we can’t get the job done, there’s no obligation on your side. Our professional team will resolve your blocked drain issue fast.

    Hair: Hair blockages can be removed with strong chemicals to clear your drain. What usually happens is that your hair combines with fats and oils that also gets flushed down the drain. It forms this little sticky ball that can easily block drain pipes. So be extra careful with your hair in the shower or bathtub. You can get hair catchers in any Builders Warehouse that will help you to prevent hair going down the water pipe.

    Minerals: Over time, minerals can easily build up. There’s little you can do about that. We use a lot of chemicals in our homes these days and with time it adds up. You can however flush your drains regularly with boiling water to clear excess minerals. But it won’t always work. This will need to be evaluated on a case to case basis.

    Here at Express drains and Plumbing, we have cleared many drains that were blocked due to mineral build up. We have the right tools and we do the job the right way from day 1.

    Toilet Paper: It’s possible for toilet paper to also block drains. We have seen many reasons why this would happen. But it’s nothing to worry about. A good old plumbing rod will clear that pipe from toilet paper clogs very quickly.

    Our Vereeniging, Meyerton and Sasolburg teams can help you with blocked drains in no time at all. Just call us on the number provided and we will rush out to come and help you.

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